For over 15 years Hilo has been successfully partnered with managing agents throughout the South West & Wales.​


We deliver a professional service while giving the personal touch to the end customer – the resident. Our reputation is that we get the balance right in understanding that you are the client, but the resident is the customer. Here are some of the key things that help set us apart...

We’ve worked with Hilo for around 12 years now and always found them to offer a professional service. When an issue has been identified they are quick to assist to rectify it and I would not hesitate to recommend Hilo.

Nick Lawrence, Cambray Property Management


Hilo have always provided us with an excellent service and maintain a high level of professionalism towards us and our clients. I would highly recommend Hilo and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Jodie Allen, Metro PM


We use Hilo Window cleaners at the majority of the blocks who require this service. They are able to advice us of their schedule for the whole year which makes notifying owners of cleans much more convenient for us. The standard of cleaning is high and we have no problem in recommending their service

Simon Charman, Hamiltons Block Management


We have only been using Hilo for just over a year but have found them to be very professional in providing a quality service. They understand that these properties are residents’ homes and take all necessary care we would expect.



I have been using Hilo across my entire portfolio as I find them easy to work with whilst delivering a very high level of service. Their ability to complete all forms of window cleaning, including rope access, means I know immediately they will be able to cover any site.

A.P. Peverel

Residential Block Testimonials

For the Management Agent and Resident:


For the Management Agent:


Professional tendering – We will match, and often reduce current budgets


Office Backup – Always available to answer your enquiries


Annual Schedule – You will know in advance when we are attending site.


Annual reports – Hard information on the year’s activity – how the cleaning went along with any queries raised and the resulting outcome – this means you go into your annual meeting prepared.


Very professional at point of delivery – This reflects well on you, who appointed us.


Unmatched in Health & Safety – Risk Assessments that truly do what they are meant to, reduce the chance of an accident and Safe Methods of working by our highly trained staff


Direct Residents Communication – Some of our clients like us to deal directly with any resident queries and we find this works well. It enables us to resolve them quickly and in a professional way, while keeping you informed. This is something we can do for you if you wish


For the Resident:


Quality – Take a look at our quality guarantee


Security – Our staff are clearly identifiable as Hilo employees due to their uniform and liveried vehicles.


Personal and friendly service – Residents come to see us as ‘their window cleaner’, we usually send the same crew every time, thus building that relationship.


Clear Communication -  The result of contacting us directly means any query can be resolved quickly and efficiently


Planning - Residents like to know what’s going on, so our annual schedule is always welcome.


Care Of Property - Our staff are trained to appreciate that the property is somebody’s home. This is reflected in courteous conscientious working practises, over shoes, dust sheets, and no trampled flowers.

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